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Trends in web design are something that is constantly changing. Thus, it is a field that is continually evolving. It all comes down to bringing about a revolution while contemplating, or should we say being in that future.

Potential Web Design Trends for 2022
Typography is taking center stage, the 80s and 90s are making a comeback, and live animation is reaching new heights. While visual trends range from whimsically handcrafted to mind-bending high-tech.

Overall, 2022 is shaping up to be a unique and experimental year in the history of digital technology. But first, let’s take a look ahead at the nine cutting-edge web design themes that will be popular in 2022.

1. Bright Color
Color is one of the biggest trends in web design for 2022, thus colorful minimalism goes hand in hand with it! Your brand will stand out from the bland neutrals that many businesses have opted for over the past several years with the help of bold, vivid, rich colors.

The sparkling water firm bubbly is a great illustration of how a website may employ vibrant, saturated color without looking flashy. Their website is a continuation of their branding, which centers on bright cans:

A few 2022 web design trends are being followed: organic shapes, minimalism, and vivid color!

2. Memphis Design
Memphis design, one of the key trends of the 1980s, is sometimes viewed as glitzy because it combines so many jumbled patterns and shapes. Memphis design, which at the time was more colorful, approachable, and adventurous than it had been before, was a rejection of minimalism and the supposedly elevated preferences of art critics.

This mindset is particularly relevant today when minimalistic methods have produced a sea of interfaces that, while intuitive, are largely uniform. As a result, it should come as no surprise that so many online designers are turning to Memphis design for a burst of vibrant personality that no visitor will quickly forget.

3. Horizontal Scrolling
A side scroll style, in contrast to the well-known and simple vertical navigation, can result in unexpected interactions between texts and visuals.

This is especially true for websites that provide portfolios, catalogs, maps, and similar items. Sideways navigation makes finding projects, exploring towns, and visiting online galleries much more interesting. The websites on our list serve as a stunning example of how, when done correctly, horizontal scrolling can enhance a website’s appeal, entertainment, and memorability.

4. Motion Typography
What we like: Kinetic typography may enchant readers and aid with text digestion.

Dynamic typography, sometimes known as moving text, is an animation technique that has been around since the 1960s when animated opening titles first appeared in feature films. When a visitor lands on the homepage of a website, it can be used for a similar purpose to capture their attention right away.

Additionally, it can be used to highlight key passages, direct visitors as they scroll, and disclose information gradually.

5 . Drag Interaction
What we appreciate Users may feel in charge of their experience while using drag interaction.

The purpose of drag interactions is to simulate a real, physical action. In essence, they let website visitors pick up and move anything they see on the screen. More websites, particularly e-commerce and portfolio sites, are including this form of gesture engagement.

6. Welcoming large-scale animations
Small-scale animations in hero sections and page transitions have always been the central part of web design. To enable elaborate animations, the web design trend has recently undergone a significant transformation.
Web designers can encourage direct ties from visitors by utilizing elaborate animations. It is up to the designer to decide how to put it into practice, but generally speaking, this may be done by developing a unique, tailored experience that prompts the visitor to take some sort of action. This typically entails making the web experience mysterious so that the visitor feels like it’s up to them to uncover the site’s secrets.

And so is clear, that it can be challenging to accomplish this. However, if done correctly, it will result in a website that becomes a hit with users! As a result, one of the most intriguing web design trends for 2022 that you should consider for your website is engaging interactives.

Final Words
When it comes to website design trends, the new year is already anticipated to burst in a spectacular way. Consider how you can use these components in recent or ongoing initiatives. Have fun most of all!

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