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To keep your online presence updated and functional given the speed at which technology is developing, shifting design trends, and general functional requirements, you must redesign your website on a semi-regular basis. Although it’s a large project, it may be successfully completed with the appropriate preparation.
A fundamental component of website upkeep is website redesign. Effective website redesigns focus on increasing usability rather than just aesthetics. Therefore, in addition to the web design of a site, a redesign should focus on the content, user experience, SEO techniques, and mobile optimization.

Here, we’ll go over some important points to keep in mind as you plan your upcoming website redesign.

This list can be used as a checklist to assist with project management.

1. Compare your existing benchmarks
Record your existing performance metrics before you consider anything. Start by reviewing your current site’s history, paying particular attention to:

● Total visits, visitors, and unique visitors
● Bouncing rate
● Time on site
● Current SEO rankings for important keywords
● Dominant domain Number of fresh leads and forms submissions
● The total amount of sales generated

2. Specify your objectives

You must first create goals if you wish to achieve them.

You can determine whether you are meeting your target by setting measurable goals. Studies have shown that success is improved by clearly defined goals. In addition, defining appropriate goals is likely to enhance achievement rates by a staggering 178%.

So start looking for answers to the questions below.

● What do I hope to achieve with the redesign of my website?
● What is the size of my budget?
● What is the maximum amount of hours I will put in?

3. Evaluate your competitors

Analyzing competitor websites and online designs is extremely important, second only to your own site audits. View what functions for them. Recognize the styles and imagery that are most effective in your industry.

Examine your competitors’ websites (at least the top 5) critically in light of the best practices used in the sector to identify the recurring themes that draw customers and result in conversions. The audience may be interested in their price menu, visuals, images, testimonials, videos, interactive conversations, marketing campaigns, offers, etc.

4. Understand your users

You must constantly keep your users in mind when redesigning your website.

To design a website with a fantastic user experience, you must be well aware of your target audience.

So start looking for answers to the questions below.

● Who is your target audience?
● Which page of your website does the average user spend the most time on right now?
● Does the material on your website flow naturally and appeal to your target audience?
● Which keywords are drawing the greatest attention from your users?

5. Create New Content
To ensure that you have fresh website material ready for the redesign team, you must start planning for it as soon as possible. New content components could consist of:

● Sites or blog entries
● Photos
● Video
● Illustrations
● Maps, infographics
● Shop items
● Downloadable or reports
● Forms
● Microcopy
● Page landings or SEO content

6. Launching The New Site

After creating every page of the new website, you’ll start the last round of quality assurance and get ready to launch.

Depending on who is launching the site, you will need to collect the following data for the website team or your IT department:

● Login to your current website
● Logins for your hosting and domain registrar
● Information about your email setup in case this could affect any hosting changes

The new site should have any analytics tracking codes inserted, and all forms should be set up to send the appropriate email notifications, as the last quality check. On each of these topics, your web agency will offer advice.

Final Words

A website redesign takes a lot of effort. And you already understand why if you read the entire post.

However, the secret to achieving the desired results is proper planning. Ron Studios is the top website redesign company, making it the ideal choice to make your journey simple and hassle-free.